Profile of Managing Director

Engr Md. Atikur Rahman has started his career from 2007 and for 13 years he has gathers significant experience in the field of engineering. He has directly worked with various renowned organizations like Bangladesh Army and Govenrment of Bangladesh and proved his professionalism.

Engr Md. Atikur Rahman was born 1986, comes from an one of the elite business families in Bangladesh. By investing his time in his family businesses, he was able to enhance his ability in various sectors in our country and eventually come to realize the importance and necessity of a honest and dedicated organization which can fuillfill the latest and greatest challenges found in todays complex and intricate environment.

To further expand his goal, he obtained his engineerin degree from Institure of Enginees bd and then finished his Masters in Environmental Science from Military inistitue of Science and Technology (MIST). Moreover, he also successfuly completed several engineering and business courses under Institute of Engineers (IEB), Dhaka, Bangladesh.

He formed BUILDTECH Building Technology to build up a team from where he can further support his clients with honesty and devotion. He worked as a consultant in numerous government’s organization, like Local Government Engineering Department (LGED), Payra Port Authority, Bangladesh Municipal Development Fund (BMDF) and Bangladesh Army.

Furthermore, the capablity of BUILDTECH Building Techlogy was enhanced by contributing in sectors like engineering supervision, interior design, supply of items like sand, stone chips, bricks.

Mr. Atikur Rahman is an active, energetic, hardworking, honest, sincere and well known personality in his socio and business area.